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Master Press MP-20


Master Press MP-20 ( 20 ton )


Touch screen interface, controls both plate temps and Pressure ramp/soak profiles. 30 profiles with 10 sections each ,

20 tons of programmable pressure in seconds for  timing  ramping/soak profiles or manual control.

Desktop format , requires air compressor ( 100PSI min. )

user friendly MAX output from your employees ,always the SAME

press for each product.

Save profiles for each product type , re-callable and storable.

Optional PRE-PRESS a 1.5 ton cold press, Increase production dramatically

6×8” heated plates

Pre programmed Profiles for different products ( 6)

speed control


Weight: 135 lbs

 Dimensions: 18.5x24x12”

Heater plate material: Aluminum black Anodized 6061-T6

Temperature range: ambient to 500deg F

Temperature accuracy: +/- 0.125%

 Temperature stability: +/- 0.5%

Press time range: 1-36000 seconds per profile

Tilt position adjustable: no

Wattage of the press: 1200watts  

Fuse: 10 amps

 Voltage: 120VAC



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